Guidelines For Discipline And Order

1. Students who come to school by their own transport should arrive at the school five minutes before the warning bell. The warning bell before class is a signal for all to go to the assembly. After the assembly, they should go to their classroom, get their books ready in silence, and prepare for the beginning of class. Changes of classrooms between periods should be done in discipline and order. When teachers enter and leave the classroom, students are to stand and greet them in the customary way and give them proper attention and respect.

2. Conduct that is injurious to the moral tone of the school or the rights of others and not in accord with the required discipline is liable to incur suspension or dismissal.

3. Students are not allowed to receive visitors or make phone calls. They will not be permitted to leave their class to answer a phone call. Only if the matter is very urgent will the student be called to the phone.

4. No student may leave the school premises during school hours or recess without the prior permission of the Principal/Vice-Principal.

5. Students who ride the bus/van/rickshaw are to get into the vehicle in discipline and order and sit in a refined manner while awaiting their stop.

6. Students who come to school in the care of domestic workers should never leave school before the workers arrive to take them home. Those who go home alone, particularly those who stay for activities, should not loiter on the way but be prompt in returning home.

7. Students are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings. Valuable articles may not be brought to school. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

8. Care must be taken of school property and restitution made for damaged articles. Students are forbidden to scratch or write on furniture, walls, windows or to write in library books or other school books, magazines or spoil them in any deliberate way.

9. Students are encouraged to join the various activities of the school. They must be regular in attending the activity once they have given in their names.

10. No student should be sent to school if suffering from a contagious or infectious disease.

11. Every student should carry the school diary daily.

12. No student is entitled to enter the class unless he/she is clean and neatly dressed in the school uniform.

13. Students should bring their tiffin with them in the morning. Parents are requested not to disturb the office staff in this connection.

14. The date of birth of a student as recorded in the admission register cannot be changed.