General Rules

All successful institutions and organisations function within the framework of a set of rules and regulations, written or conventional, for a balanced growth and enrichment of all concerned.

1. All correspondence to and from the student is controlled by the Principal/Vice-Principal.

2. Health check-up, conduct, application and progress of each student is done every year.

3. Students may not keep large sums of money with them. Valuables, expensive watches, cell phones etc. are strictly forbidden.

4. Any boy whose application, progress or conduct is unsatisfactory may be dismissed at the discretion of the Principal. Note: The school takes every precaution to ensure the safety of the children. However, the school will not be liable for any damages/charges/costs on account of accidents in school, excursions or other activities.

5. Converse in English at all times.

6. Be punctual for all school and related activities.

7. Conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the teaching.

8. Be respectful, courteous, cooperative with school authorities and visitors.

9. Attend classes on time with proper and complete study material.

10. Maintain silence in the corridors during teaching hours.

11. Students are expected to wear proper school uniform in school.

12. Strict uniformity is to be maintained.

13. Have respect for their environment and treat the property of School, i.e. fences, furniture etc. with care.

14. The school reserves the right to revise, delete, and change the rules as mentioned here at any time and without giving any prior notice.