Aims And Objectives

The aim of Jesus and Mary Academy is to groom the student into an all round, well developed personality, who is refined, disciplined, socially, culturally and possess high moral values. One who is at home in an intellectual environment, physically strong, mentally robust and capable of fitting into any team and contributing positively to society. They are "to assist their fellow citizens in directing their lives to God in faith" by helping, healing, reconciling, and taking a firm stand on moral principles of honesty, integrity, hard work and freedom. The parents and guardians are expected to be active participants in training their children in the moral and spiritual values which the school tries to foster.

1. To provide an educational environment to foster the pursuit of excellence such that every student is given an opportunity to reach maximum scholastic and personal excellence.

2. To provide a caring environment in which individual attention is given to promote general well being, academic and personal development of each student.

3. To impart secular education to boys and girls through the ideals of courage, truth, tolerance and self dignity.

4. The Academy aims at providing structure and discipline for character building during formative years for all round development of the personality of the children.

5. To foster an appreciation of human creative skills; to stimulate intellectual curiosity; to develop an interest in the process of learning how to learn; to encourage clear thinking and develop the capacity to tackle problems.

6. To make them true and responsible citizens of India.

7. To inculcate in them the quality of unity and co-operation.