Student Council

Students play an active role in the general life of the School. Student officials chosen from the senior-most class are in charge of the different Houses formed in the school where each and every student is put in Red/Blue/Yellow/Green House. They are also in-charge of Campus upkeep, Literary and Debating Activities, Publications and a host of Co-Curricular Activities such as Music, Drawing & Painting and so on.... with the Mentors provided for each house and each activity respectively.

The Students' Council is made up of school President,Vice President,Secretary and Treasurer and 4 House Captains and House Vice Captains and two representatives (Class Prefects) from each class.

The School Captains is elected by the student body from among nominees put forward by the staff. Out-going captains are closely consulted to arrive at nominations. Each House has a nominated House Captain and Vice-Captain. The Final decision with respect to choosing Captains and Vice-captains lies with the Teachers, Principal and Vice-Principal.