Societies, Clubs & Groups

The School offers a variety of hobbies and it encourages every child to spend his or her leisure in pursuing a hobby. The School also encourages children to take an intelligent (if not an active part) in co-curricular activities in the School, such as debating, dramatics, elocution and writing articles for the School magazine and other publications. These hobbies and activities provide a creative outlet for the energy and talent of growing children and apart from broadening the interests of children, they also help in the creation of a more balanced and more fully educated individual, which is the aim of our system of education.

The School believes that the education of youth in the constructive use of leisure is one of the prime concerns of education, and it urges all parents to encourage their children to prepare the young for the world in which they will be living in the future.

At certain times of the year, children are involved in a wide variety of social activities. Tree planting has been an annual activity over the decades. Visit to the Orphanage centre and Old Age Home at the Missionaries of Charity, Patna City is also made by the students at regular intervals.

Children enjoy the Student exchange programme with other member schools which widens their Social Network among fellow students from other institutions.

Multi-tasking is rapidly being acknowledged as a necessary skill. At JMA, our students learn very early to focus, prioritize and effectively juggle preparations for their upcoming class tests, and allocate time for the Annual Functions, contest held in school which they have signed up for, as well as practise for the music competition.

Our students take pride in a job well done, however small it may be. The school provides a wealth of opportunities for extra-curricular pursuits. Students find their niche and at the same time enjoy exploring uncharted domains. In the process, without their being aware of it, a different aspect of their personality emerges and is honed.

The School offers a large variety of co-curricular activities: Vocal Music, Tabla, Synthesizer (Casio), Drums, Folk Dance, Dramatics, Art, Craft-Work, Pottery, Computer Applications. The students take active part in these round the calendar year of the School and often attain a remarkably high standard themselves.

Additionally, the School has various societies & clubs that are run by the Teachers and Students themselves in co-ordination with a Staff advisor. These include the Debating Society, the Drama Club (English & Hindi), the Nature Club, the Quiz club, and the Music Society.

Meetings are regularly held, programmes presented, and inter-house, inter-class and inter-School competitions are organized. The Inter-School English and Hindi extempore debates are a regular annual feature, as is the School One-Act Play Festival, Science Exhibition and Nature Quiz, and several other events.

HOBBIES (Spare Time Activity)

‘If your hobby becomes your profession, you will always love your work’ …goes an old Persian saying.

Many JMites have managed to develop their Hobby into a full time profession. Other hobbies which students of JMA are actively engaged in are:

Music (Vocal & Instruments)                                                   English Debating Society

Games/Sports                                                                       Elocutions

Quiz                                                                                    Maths Colloquium

Essay writing competitions                                                      Story writing, Reading Awards

Public Speaking                                                                     SUPW (Social & Community Service) 

Social service has been an integral part of Jesus and Mary Academy since its inception. Students should leave JMA as members of an aristocracy, but it must be an aristocracy of service inspired by ideas of unselfishness, not one of privilege, wealth or position. For decades since then, this has been one of the foundation principles of the school. This was also brought by the Indian Council for School Education (ICSE Board) structured Socially Useful Productive Work (S.U.P.W) as an ancillary, but mandatory part of its curriculum. All students of the school have to complete mandatory hours of social service which forms a part of the ICSE Board Curriculum. A few to mention: Social Activities like Tree Plantation, Cloth distribution, Food and Grains distribution (for the physically and the mentally handicapped) at various social centres of the city, particularly Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa’s House) is done by the students of JMA.