School Term And Timing

The Academic year has been divided into three terms: 

           •   Summer Term:  April to May.

           •   Spring Term: July to October.

           •   Winter Term: November to February.


           •   There are terminal examination conducted during each term.

           •    Final exams for all, excluding class X & XII, takes place at the end of the Winter Term in March and result   is published thereafter.

           •    Class X & XII children have their Pre-Boards in the month of January. 

                                                Session: The School follows April to March Session. 


            Summers - 06.50 AM to 12.00 Noon

            Spring -      07.55 AM to 1.25 PM

            Winters -    07.55 AM to 1.25 PM 

                          The office remains closed on Saturday afternoon.

                          No school business is transacted on holidays.