Assessments And Promotions

Promotion at the end of the Scholastic year will depend on daily assessment. In order to avoid stress and strain at the end of the year, students are urged to work regularly. Education is more than securing a pass percentage of marks at the end of the year. Parents are requested to inculcate in their children habits of self-study at home. It is necessary for children to revise at home the lessons taught in school. 

Interpretation of Remark  and Grades

 Marks                                                Remarks                                          Grade 

90 – 100                                                  Excellent                                                 A+

80 – 89                                                   Very Good                                                A

70 - 79                                                    Good                                                       B

50 – 69                                                   Satisfactory                                               C

36 - 49                                                    Unsatisfactory                                           D

36 below                                                  Fail                                                         E 

A minimum of 36% in the aggregate in English, Hindi, Mathematics and Science is essential for promotion, besides reaching a satisfactory standard in other subjects.