Alumni Association

Jesus and Mary Old Students Association (JMA-OSA)

The JMA community has grown from its original a few number of students to a full fledged institution. Thousands of alumni are scattered in various parts of the world.

JMA is trying to bring back all the Old Students of the School on one Platform i.e. the Alumni Association or should we rather say the Jesus and Mary Old Students Association.

By bringing back them to School it helps to locate a student and their friend’s whereabouts in the world which as a result strengthens the Bond that they shared when they studied and shared precious moments together in the School. Needless to mention that there is a child living in each and every man/woman’s heart.

By filling up this page on the link given below you may register yourself to the JMA-OSA.

There are also communities made on the Social Networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook where you can register yourself by clicking on the link below.



The community made aims to update by:

1) Providing news, analysis and commentary on all happenings of the School.

2) Highlighting leaders and role models (students and ex-students) from within the JMA community.

3) Bringing JMites from around the world, different generations and walks of life together for meaningful conversations.

4) Serving as a resource and support base for JMites.

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