Rules Of Admission

1. All children applying for admissions have to pay the required fee to obtain the prospectus and application form and register themselves before the session starts. After the registration, they will be given a date on which they have to appear for a written test followed by the interview of the candidates. Satisfaction in both is required before the applicant's case for admission is finalised. Applications are usually accepted for children seeking entry into Nursery to IX.

2. Provisional Admission is granted to existing students to Class XI in the month of April. Students wishing to join Class XI must seek readmission. Admissions to Class XI becomes official only after I.C.S.E. results are declared at the end of May/early June.

3. No specific syllabus is prescribed for the admission test but a candidate must have an acceptable knowledge of the subject appropriate to the class lower than those in which he/she desires admission, particularly in English, Science and Mathematics.

4. Admission is made strictly on the basis of First come First serve and on the candidate's performance in the test and not on the basis of marks obtained elsewhere.

5. Admission to any class when the session is already in progress will be available only if any vacancy exists.

6. There will be no admission test for Nursery. However, the child at the time of admission must not be less than 3 years. Original birth certificate is to be provided at the time of admission for all classes.

7. At the time of admission, Transfer Certificate and Report Card from the previous school must be submitted as proof of the credentials of the applicant.

8. Money once paid at the time of admission is non refundable.

9. At the time of admission, fees for the lapsed months of the session will be chargeable.

10. Any change of address after admission of the candidate must be notified in writing without delay to the School Office. Verbal request for any change of address will NOT be acted upon.

11. The admission of a child will mean a complete acceptance by the parent/guardian of all School Rules as in force or as amended from time to time at the discretion of the School.

                                       Academic Session: The School follows April to March Session.