Identity Cards

1. All children will be issued with an Identity Card by the School. This I Card must be carried by each and every Student while attending school, commuting to and fro on the School bus or at any school function. 

2. Parents/Guardians must submit four stamp size recent photographs of their wards to the respective class teacher within seven days of the beginning of the New Academic Year. 

3. If the I Card is lost, a duplicate will be issued by the school office. Parent/Guardian should apply for it in writing with a stamp size photograph and on payment of required amount. 

4. The I Card must be returned to the school office if a student is withdrawn, expelled or suspended from the school at any time. This I Card will be invalid from the date of withdrawal, expulsion, suspension or if the student's name has been struck from the rolls of the school. 

5. All I Cards will be valid for only one academic year. All students are issued an identity Card by the school office.