Fee Regulation

1. Fees are to be paid in advance before 15th of each month. 

2. Tuition fee and conveyance fee for holiday months of June, October and December

must be paid along with May, September and November fees respectively.

3. Students will not be allowed to appear for any exam if fees are not paid up to date.

Admit cards for exams will be issued to the students whose dues are cleared. 

4. Periodic fee revision may be effected at any time at a short notice.

 Penalty for late payment of School Fee 

(i) The penalty for late payment of fee cannot be waived in any circumstances and is automatically levied when the fee does not reach the school on due dates. 

(ii) The School does not send out bills, reminders for fees or dues, nor does it hold itself responsible for sending reminders. Parents are therefore requested to make all payments in time to avoid late payment penalties.