Regular Tests/Examinations are held to evaluate the progress of students.

1. There are two terminal/unit examinations and a final examination held in every academic year.

2. Prior to all the exams, a unit test of 10 marks in each subject is taken and marks obtained therein are added to the marks of the respective subjects in the terminal/ final examination.

3. Promotion to the upper class is granted on the basis of the year's average.

4. The pass mark in all subjects is 36.

5. There is no provision for any re-test of any unit test /terminal examinations.

Please Note:

Examinations are conducted for all classes in the month of July, November and March. Promotion is decided on the average marks obtained in these three examinations and the marks obtained in the unit tests of all the subjects. Besides the usual internal examinations one external examination each for I.C.S.E. (Grade X) and I.S.C. (Grade XII) has to be taken by the students.

• A student who fails in English or in any two subjects will not be promoted. There is no provision for special exam, retests or promotion on trial. A student who is found using unfair means will be debarred from the remainder of the examination and the examination as a whole will be cancelled.

• A child who fails two years in succession in the same grade may not continue in the school.

• No student will be allowed to sit for the exam if his/her fees are not paid upto date and Reports will not be issued.

Provisional Admission is granted to existing students to Grade XI in the month of April. Students wishing to join Grade XI must seek readmission. Students from other schools wishing to join Grade XI in Jesus and Mary must contact the school after the ICSE/CBSE/State Board Examination is over. They would be invited on a given date to fulfil the formalities and Admission would be finalized after that on the basis of vacant seats.