Jesus and Mary Academy has a demanding academic environment. Although the work is challenging, students enjoy opportunities to work closely with teachers. The academic year starts in April and ends in March. The year is divided into three terms of about 3 months each.

The School endeavours to provide a broad and liberal education. Every class has a General Knowledge/Current Events lesson.

Students are encouraged to cultivate the habit of reading and the 'Resource Centre' comprising a spacious and well-stocked library with a reference section, an audio-visual room equipped with multimedia facilities, and a computer laboratory provide ample opportunities for students to benefit from having access to Information Technology and to gain hands-on training in computer operations.

Teachers at JMA spend time working with students as individuals. Up to Class VIII you have the following compulsory subjects with no options.

                   English Language & Literature                         Hindi Language & Literature

                   Sanskrit                                                           Social Studies (History Civics & Geography)

                   Science (Physics, Chem & Bio)                          Computer Application

                   General Knowledge                                          Moral Science

From Grade IX onwards you have the option either to join the commerce or the science stream. The following lists the subjects offered in each stream.

I.C.S.E. (Class IX & X)             I.S.C.E (Class XI & XII) - Science          I.S.C.E. (Class XI & XII) -Commerce

English Language & Literature         English Language & Literature                  English Language & Literature

Hindi Language & Literature             Hindi (optional)                                        Hindi (Optional)

History & Civics                              Physics                                                 Commerce

Geography                                     Chemistry                                              Accounts

Physics                                         Biology                                                  Economics

Chemistry                                      Mathematic                                            Mathematics

Biology                                          Computer Application (optional)                Arts / Computers (optional)

Mathematics                                  SUPW                                                   SUPW

Computer App/Economics