School Motto

                                                 “KNOWLEDGE WISDOM HUMANITY”

The motto clearly states the importance of education in the life of a child. The word “knowledge” means the entire process of imparting education and making a child literate and one who can read and write and question the relevance of the existence of things.

The word “wisdom” has a wider connotation. It does not include only the learning process, but includes the thin demarcation between being educated and being literate. Though both may appear to mean the same in the first instance, but there is a wide difference between the two. Where literacy is concerned with reading and writing, education on the other hand means having the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. The ability to do so is called “wisdom”. Our institution aims at not only creating literate but educated children who don’t commit mistakes and who don’t falter in their life.

The word “humanity” covers not only the human race but includes the entire creation of God and having a soft approach towards the flora and fauna. The children of our institution are expected to be a person with a difference who are tender to the feelings of others and are able to lend a helping hand to their fellow brothers and sisters. Thus the motto “knowledge wisdom and humanity are the steps that lead one to the other. Knowledge leads to wisdom and wisdom leads a person to be sympathetic to his environment and fellow human beings. These are the ideals required of a Jesus and Mary student.